Roger Dubuis, embrace an incredible world

Welcome to the Pulsion Mission!

You have been chosen to enter the vault room and rob the Pulsion timepieces. Hurry ! Time is running out and the police is after you!

Start the mission. 

Disable the lasers to reach for the watches. Clck and cut each laserfrom top to bottom with your mouse.

Unfortunately, the watches are firmly attached to their base, they seem impossible to take.
A secret combination can unlock them… Attention. You only have 30 seconds before you get locked in the vauld…

Unfortunately, you have not been fast enough.
Click the key to free yourself and try your luck again.
Congratulations, you have completed our Pulsion Mission successfully. To escape with your treasure, click on the timepiece of your choice.
And you? Start the mission. You as Tomer Sisley.

ROGER DUBUIS Pulsion movie starring Tomer Sisley

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