Human Desire


I’ve always been interested in the mechanics of human desire, and the psychosexuality of everyday living.”  Can Evgin

Autoerotic, Can Evgin’s latest fashion film a beautiful, restricted and groomed woman dances ecstatically in an elegant weave with a serpent – an animal who’s soothing dance is so hypnotic, but also sheds itself, frees itself from its own environment within it’s own rules.  “For a brief moment in her everyday life, this beautiful woman permits herself, whether by her own consciousness or by the nature of her being, to indulge in the sensuality of life, and embrace a moment of awakening by shedding herself from reality into an autoerotic fantasy.”

Inspired by Patricia Matres Reazi poetry and working with creative director Sara Sensoy and stylist Chloe Kerman, the film celebrates the power of pure desire. Starring dancer Sonoya Mizuno’s hypnotic performance is a representation of a woman in hibernation, awakened by desire. “In my mind I was quite a conservative woman with a strong internal fantasy” she adds for her character development. Otherworldly and shivering soundtrack composed by Pandora’s Jukebox (aka Yasmina Dexter) sets the enigmatic mood for the film.

Shot in a family home in Southgate – Can describes the python as an impressive and commanding animal, he adds “Heather” (name of the albino python) was surprisingly, thankfully, very domesticated, playful and curious”.

Can Evgin is a fashion photographer and film maker based in London. He directed films for ArmaniDolce & GabbanaNownessPurpleAnother MagazineBritish Fashion CouncilRag & Bone and Garage Magazine. His films  screened at Centre Pompidou ParisVenice International Short Film Festival.


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