Bruno Cerella

PalaTrento, Aquila Basket vs EA7 Olimpia Milano

Il mio nuovo amore

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Polsino Vintage Jeansation BARAKUS, smalto Desert Poppy&Sun Bleached Shellac.

My Rock Time

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Le mie foto*. Aquila Basket Trento – Casale Monferrato, PalaTrento, 5 aprile 2014. *Tutte le immagini #abordocampo sulla mia pagina Facebook.

for my rock time Barakus only

My Rock Time



MY ROCK TIME – Basket on the rocks by Donatella Simoni 

il mio nuovo blog

si parlerà di basket declinato in:


Un nuovo bel modo di VEDERE… il basket.
Vi aspetto. Presto. Sul mio nuovo blog.

Dove osa l’Aquila (Basket)

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IMG_0714 - Copia IMG_0727 - Copia IMG_0729 - Copia IMG_0745 - Copia IMG_0751 - Copia

FOTO di Donatella Simoni

MUSICA Play Hard, David Guetta https://soundcloud.com/davidguetta/sets/david-guetta-play-hard-feat-ne

Blue as the sky, the ocean and the pools

hermes-blue-basketball (1)

To commemorate the launch of its Beverly Hills store, Hermès has created two blue basketballs (oh please, that joke is so easy) costing $12,900 each and made in the Paris atelier under the creative direction of Pierre-Alexis Dumas. The idea behind the calfskin curios, which are indeed available to buy and use, is to represent “the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in L.A. and Southern California,” says American CEO Robert Chavez. They also feature the same hand-stitching as the house’s iconic Birkin bag, so you could call it couture sporting equipment.

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